Commercial Inspections

A. P. Inspections is prepared to serve an extensive market in a variety of commercial sectors. Through our global community of inspection specialists, we continue to implement new systems within our company, to make sure that you know that you are our “Top Priority!”

We cover a variety of fields including, but not limited to, the following:

Agricultural products, Chemical or Gas, Metals, Consumer goods, Food safety, Textile, Whether raw materials, Semi-finished and/or finished products

Supervision of cargoes at loading and/or unloading site
A. P. Inspections supervises the loading, or unloading of cargo, to check whether the goods are in agreement with our client’s contract specifications.

Weight verification
A. P. Inspections supervision of scales and weight operations help to maintain shipment accuracy.

Sampling at loading/unloading site or factory
Taking Samples of bulk cargo or merchandise according to the buyer’s requirements and/or recognized trade rules. Representative samples can be sent to a laboratory for analysis to confirm contract specifications or will be kept by our inspections department for future reference.

Pest control and fumigation
An obvious problem in many agricultural product shipments are insects. Pest control and fumigation can be performed in warehouses and silos or in the holds of vessels or other vehicles. While a third party carries out the fumigation, we at A. P. Inspections supervise the process. Assuring you a pest free shipment.

Food products
A. P. Inspections performs inspections to catch many defects of vegetables and fruits. A. P. Inspections also provides laboratory analysis, and chain management assistance.

Non-food products
Inspections are performed at the supplier’s location, to check the quality and quantity of goods and the packaging of the goods ready for shipment. These inspections are done according to our client’s specifications.

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