Source Inspections

Source Inspections (SI) done by A. P. Inspections to provide a variety of services including Monitoring, Expediting, Dimensional Inspections, Non Destructive Examination, In-Process Inspections, Laboratory Analysis, Sample Collection, Final Inspections, Photography, and issuance of Certificates of Inspection. Our inspectors are available to travel to any destination you require.

We monitor tests and testing procedures at the fabricator’s place of business. We also monitor the fabrication process of equipment and products, in order to report any progress to our clients.

In a fabrication process there are many things that can interfere with the time of delivery. It is very critical for businesses to have on-time delivery. Our expediting department will contact vendors until the project is complete and verify transportation arrangements in order to prevent any critical delays.

Non-Destructive Examination
Our inspectors are experienced in reading NDT results. We witness a number of testing including visual inspections, liquid penetrate, magnetic particle, and ultrasound testing.

Dimensional Inspection
Our inspectors are experienced in taking precision measurements and working with numerous types of measuring instruments and gauges. A. P. Inspections’ inspectors are able to check surface hardness, surface smoothness, and the thickness of coatings.

In-Process Inspection
Our inspectors can follow the goods that are in process by supervising the whole process.

Sample Collection
Our inspectors will adequately pack all samples to ensure the safe arrival at its destination. If at any point during the inspection process laboratory analysis is required, we can use private laboratories to get the desired information.

Final Inspections
We can perform final inspections by visually verifying that the fabricated and/or assembled goods are in conformance with the client’s requirements.

Certificates of Inspections
We will be able to issue “Certificates of Inspection” when requested, or appropriate. We can also assist in obtaining “Certificates of Compliance” from the suppliers.

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