Pre-shipment Inspections

Pre-shipment, or “Third Party”, Inspections (PSI) are created to ensure that the materials are properly packaged, marked and palletized for shipment; always verifying that the documents are complete and that they correspond with the goods being sent. A. P. Inspections will provide a written report on each inspection done to support all details about the cargo.

Clients may request pre-shipment inspections by asking their supplier to allow an Independent Surveyor Company to conduct an inspection at the supplier’s site.

Shipping Documentation
We verify the materials being shipped with the shipping documentation.

Product Verification
For the client’s protection, the quantity of each item number, part number, or product code can be verified to help avoid shortage claims or claims that lower-priced items were shipped instead of the higher-priced items requested.

Any claims for damage or breakage may arise and your customer or the freight carrier may assert that the goods were inadequately packed. A. P. Inspections can verify the packaging of the goods shipped. Blocking and bracing of the shipment will be documented if the shipment is containerized or shipped via trailer.

Shipment Condition
Visual inspections are performed to check for damage, and to report on the overall condition of the shipment.

Photographs are taken to prove all the findings on the inspection report. These can provide important information in the event of any discrepancies. By comparing the photographs taken during the pre-shipment inspection, with those taken at the place of a cargoes destination, can provide accurate information about how the shipment was handled, reasons for any damages, and it may help us find ways we can change to prevent any future damages. Photographs may also be provided so that you can monitor any fabrication or assembly process.

Witnessing the Loading Process
If your shipment requires loading a container or a trailer, we recommend that the inspector follows the materials through the loading process. At the end, the inspector can confirm the process with the application of a seal to the container or trailer. This ensures that you receive everything as requested, or stated, in your documentation.

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